New Philip Zoellner Solo show announced.

I can’t believe its already (almost…) November. The leaves outside are simply lovely, its a great time of the year. We are happy to report the album has been sent off for duplication and we should have copies for the holidays in our hands. I believe the official release of the album won’t happen to after the new year, however we are certain if you’d like to hear it – we can arrange that! In the mean time, anyone going to see Pearl Jam in OKC in November? I can’t believe that will be my first PJ show… I’ve been a fan for years… Vitalogy is still my favorite. PZ Thanksgiving 2013

Back to news: I’ll be playing solo to open for Dustin Pittsley and Jesse Aycock on Thanksgiving night at The Shrine in Tulsa, OK (18th and Boston) 9pm. This will be an excellent excuse to say good night to your family and go actually have some fun. I hope you can make it.

New Double Album almost finished….


As most of you know, we were pleased to re-join our producer for “Lean On” Chicago based John Swamy (Happy Ashtray) as well as sound engineer, KC Cobb from OKC for our new double album.  Yes, in the days of digital downloads, EPs, singles and ringtones, we went in an entirely different direction by diving deep into over 30 songs we wrote in our studio and demoed over the last year.  We have so much to share with you, but for now, Enjoy the new site.  Peace and love, PZ

PZB & Tennessee Jet @ The Shrine


Can’t wait to see you all at the show. Don’t forget to check out TJ’s music at